"A Modern Classic"

Hebrew teaching method

Secret of the Pyramid

A Hebrew Primer by Dr. Benjamin Herson
Dr. Herson is a noted educator, poet and scholar.

Secret of the Pyramid is a Hebrew Primer for teachers and independent students, a guide to teach children.

It is a Hebrew Primer which reveals for the first time the mathematical structure of the Hebrew syllable, its pivotal role in shaping the cadences of the Hebrew language in sequences of weak, strong variants.

Hebrew teaching method

Since every syllable generated by the Pyramid is a no-nonsense sound they are found in classical and modern texts as integral parts of the language.

Matching the 4 types of syllables with their counterparts in the Bible, Prayer Book, dictionary and newspaper speeds up the process of recognition with amazing results.

The 4 types generate 6 primary vowel-patterns which make reading without vowel signs simpler for the mature student.

This method of teaching and learning Hebrew reading is scientific and systematic, no longer a haphazard activity. It offers a life-long mastery in reading the Hebrew word.

The syllabic analysis of the Hebrew leads to a clear understanding of its root-structure, its place in the dictionary, and its meaning. In brief, it encourages reading by comprehension as an adventure of the mind.

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