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Hebrew teaching method

QUESTION: What do green, black, and red have to do with teaching Hebrew?
ANSWER: They are the colors used by Rabbi Alex Kaminetsky in his uniquely successful syllable-by-syllable teaching method.

Arranged by Rabbi Alex Kaminetsky

  • Syllable By Syllable
     Unit I
     Unit II
  • Shema Chart (not laminated)
  • Shema Chart (laminated)

Rabbi Alex Kaminetsky, a respected educator, wrote Syllable by Syllable to start the process.

To put the method to practical use, he arranged the Siddur as Siddur Ot L'Ot. The Siddur Ot L'Ot is a multi-colored Siddur with a color guide that will help the student to pronounce properly. The phonetic method can be used by children and adults.

Multi-Colored Shema Chart


Multi-Colored Shema Chart